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西蒲田502 (12)
西蒲田502 (2)
西蒲田502 (11)
西蒲田502 (24)
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西蒲田502 (20)
西蒲田502 (18)
西蒲田502 (15)
西蒲田502 (17)
西蒲田502 (8)

Service available in English,Spanish,French,Japanese,Chinese


Nisikamata 502​
​​​NO key money, NO commission fee, NO guarantor fee


Size: 16.53 ㎡

Layout: 1R

Floor: 5/5
Built: 2016


3 Chome 5-8 Higashiyaguchi, Ota-ku, Tokyo-to 146-0094

Closest stations
2 min walk to Hasunuma Station

➡Tokyu Ikegami Line
10 min walk to Yaguchinowatashi Station

➡Tokyu Tamagawa Line 
11 min walk to Kamata Station

➡JR Keihintohoku Line / Tokyu Ikegami Line / Tokyu Tamagawa Line

19 min train ride to Shinagawa Station
24 min train ride to Yokohama Station
28 min train ride to Meguro Station
31 min train ride to Shibuya Station

Life (supermarket)
York Mart (supermarket)
Ota City Office
Tokyo Kamata Hospital
Granduo (shopping mall)
Lots of restaurants and 24H convenience stores nearby

FREE internet, auto door locking system, delivery box, flooring, fully furnished with AC, bed, linen, kitchen, cooking stove, fridge, microwave, utensils/cutlery, washing machine, separate shower and toilet, and balcony

2-year contract payment
Rent: 74,000 yen  (※Monthly Contract +¥10,000/per month)
Maintenance fee: 6,000 yen
Utility fee: 21,600  yen (Internet included)

Initial payment
Application fee: 10,800 yen
Deposit: 1 month rent (50% non-refundable)
Cleaning fee: 25,000~ yen (subtracted from deposit upon end of contract)​
Total initial payment: 84,800yen
(NO key money, NO commission fee, NO guarantor fee, NO insurance fee, NO key change fee)

※Insurance fee :17,000 & Garantor are needed for 2-year contract